google adwords vuturaAs a certified Google partner, we offer professional services for Google Adwords marketing. We are happy to analyze your needs and advise you serious. From the start of a new campaign to optimizing your existing ads - we are your partner.

Setting up an Adwords account

  • Adwords vouchers for new customers are possible
  • define goals
  • define budget
  • set up campaigns
  • create / optimize advertising texts
  • find / optimize keywords
  • define target group
  • define distribution area
  • set advertising species (search, display, remarketing, branding, video ads, banner ads, etc.)


Optimization of an existing account

  • define goals
  • reach more targets with the same budget (inquiries, registrations, sales, branding, visitors)
  • increase click-through rate of ads
  • apply Special Offers
  • select destination pages correctly
  • audience restrict / expand
  • distribution area restrict / expand
  • find / add new keywords


Google Partner